Friday, June 24, 2011

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

Do you know anything about Nuffnang and Hapee? 

What is Nuffnang?

Nuffnang is the first and leading blog advertising community here in the Philippines and in other countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Autralia, in fact Nuffnang is also a community that connects bloggers here in our country. They hosted a lot of events for bloggers like in movie screenings, workshops and many more in the future. Nuffnang is at most the best blog advertising community in the Philippines.

What makes Nuffnang the best among the rest?

Its easy to answer, Nuffnang made our blogging industry move to the next level!

What does Nuffnang means?

REAL GOOD! That what it means and I just say, they are REALLY GOOD and COOL! Nuffnang brings out the best about blogging while you earn. Your passion for writing and sharing thoughts and information makes you stand out when you are in Nuffnang community.

Nuffnang made advertisement and blogging FIRST CLASS!! And that's what Nuffnang is all about being true and bring smile to all the bloggers out there.

Nuffnang made advertisers to connect to people online and for that a very cool and loving community has made! A community where people love, enjoy and bring HAPEEness.

That's what Nuffnang is...

So what about Hapee?

Hapee as we all know is one of the famous and mostly used toothpaste in our country. And what makes it more interesting is that this product is Filipino made! Hapee toothpaste was awarded as the most outstanding toothpaste manufacturer during 90's and in early years of 2000's gven by the Consumer's Union of the Philippines.

And for their product's quality, I can say that Hapee makes it to the top! Economically speaking Hapee toothpaste and their other products are much more affordable than those other leading brand but with the same quality. So Hapee toothpaste is first class for the products they are manufacturing!

They also have advocacy for our environment to plant trees in La Mesa Watershed they are truly one of the most leading company here in the Philippines. They even have hosted some Dental Missions nationwide! Isn't that great?

So what does Nuffnang and Hapee related?


Hapee protects people's teeth for them to smile while Nuffnang makes a reason for a person to smile, be happy and to earn money!

They bring a total happiness and outstanding innovation.

Nuffnang brings out the best in our selves just like Hapee!

Being in their first class they can and will achieve quality and success that would make them more productive and help more people to motivate and to achieve success!

Nuffnag and Hapee brings out the best among people!
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Korean Love Stories (MV)

            These are all korean music video with heart breaking love stories that touches our heart, I just wanted to look back to all of these korean music video that LoveBlog picked.

            These are the top 3 music videos with touching love stories that LoveBlog wants to share.

Because I'm A Girl by Kiss

       The story started when a young lady who worked as a hair dresser accidentally passes by a man who is focusing his camera to take a picture but suddenly the young lady's face blocked his shot and instead of taking the model's body it was the young lady's face registered on that shot and after that incident the man developed the film and was amazed on how beautiful the young lady was. 
       The story goes on when the man, who is a photographer, decided to have his hair cut and went to a salon where the young lady is working, the young lady notices the man and out of attraction she took the job to her workmate to wash and shampoo the man's hair. While shampooing the young lady accidentally wiped the shampoo on the man's right eye and she was scolded by her manager, she was embarrassed to what had happened that day. 
       The young lady went to the man's studio where he is taking the picture of a motorcycle model to return the sweater hat the he forgot in the salon, that's the time they introduce themselves to each other. The man decided to take some picture of the young lady and realizes that she has the potential to be a model, they became friends and closer to each other.
        They became more closer as the time passes by and they developed their feelings to each other. Love moves them closer and closer and their emotions are connected between them. They are enjoying each other's company, they are happy together like a couple.
        One day, when they are having fun taking pictures in the studio, the camera run out of film and when the man is going to get a film, the young lady decided to get one for him. While she was going to get the film her hands accidentally bumps to an open lid paper developer solution and most of the solution was poured on her face specifically to her eyes. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment but that accident makes the young lady loss her eye sight, she became blind.
        The man can't accept the truth and was driven by his anger and hatred about what had happened, his mind was full of guilt and pain thinking that it was his fault that the young lady became blind and never to see again. The man reminisce all the memories of them together and decided something that will change his life, forever.
         The man decided to leave the young lady.
        The young lady was successfully operated and she regain her eyesight, but she knew that the man he loved was never going to come back and she knew that he left her knowing that she was blind and can never see again.

Here's the translation of what the young lady said on the video

"Hey babe
the pain

it's not enough to describe how i feel
we were so happy together
but I know now
I've been blind
you told me that you'd never let me down
whenever I needed you you'd always be here
I can forgive but I cant forget
even though you hurt me
I still love you
I still love you"

          But the girl always remember the man that she loves, one day she went to the race track where his man always rides a motorcycle. While she was reminiscing their memories together she notice someone sitting on a bench accompanied by a dog. She walk right in front of the man and realizes the he's the photographer, the man she loved so much. She was shocked by what she found out....
         The man gave his cornea for her, the man didn't leave her. He donated his cornea to let the young lady see again, the man decided to walk away after giving his cornea because he knew she would never agree to what he decided. The young lady cried and was very lonely to what had happened to his man that she really loved.  
 The END.

You, Just Being in This World by Position
(correct me if I'm Wrong)

         "will there never come another day like today?" The story is all about love and sacrifice, the story started when a man had a dream about his girlfriend. He suddenly woke up from a deep sleep and continue his unfinished project. His girlfriend called him by his cellphone but he just ignored it and dropped the call and continue what he was doing, his girlfriend called again and said that she misses him and will go to his house, he was shocked and he said "don't come!"
           But his girlfriend insisted and still went to his house, after a minute or two her girlfriend came and he doesn't have a choice but to let her in. His girlfriend brought him some food and a sunflower in a pot. He just ignored his girlfriend and continue his filming. While he was filming his girlfriend flirts him and ask to kiss her but he just pushed her away and his girlfriend suddenly slipped down on the floor and the sunflower pot fall and broke into pieces. His girlfriend got pissed and walk out of the house.
            He followed his girlfriend outside and apologize but the girl walk away from him and run to the street, he followed her but an accident happened. He saw his girlfriend got hit by a car, he was shocked to what he just saw and run to his girlfriend. He cried knowing that she is already dead. 
             He was devastated with anger and hatred, he's heart is full of pain and guilt. He cried and felt that it shouldn't have happen to her. Because of his anger, he ripped some of the pictures of them together, he was reckless and depress to what had happened that day. He remembered all the days when they first met and how he court his girlfriend, he also reminisce the day when his girlfriend gave her a present, the days when they are together in a place where there are many sunflowers. He was so depressed.

           The next day...

           Something had happened, he woke up he heard a door bell rang and saw that his girlfriend is in the front door, out of curiosity he opened the door and saw his girlfriend alive like it was just yesterday, he knew that it was just for a day that her girlfriend will live. So he decided to show her love to her, he even finished his video presentation, they go out to have some fun together and go to their favorite place where there are sunflowers everywhere, he enjoyed the day with her. He showed how much she loved her. He also prepared some surprise for her but his girlfriend spoiled it and discovered that he's making some surprise for her, her girlfriend hugged her and showed also some love for him. 
          And after eating they decided to go to his home, and his girlfriend notice that there are a couple of sunflowers in the other side of the road, his girlfriend run for it and he saw that there's a car crossing the road he immediately pushed his girlfriend away from that fast car and instead of hitting his girlfriend, he was the one who got hit by the car and died. He exchanged his life for his girlfriend. He sacrificed his own life as he realized that she deserves to live than him. 
         His girlfriend cried out loud while watching the film that his boyfriend did for her, she remember the moments where his boyfriend is making the film not knowing that the film is for her.
                And for the last part, her girlfriend ask the same... "will there never come another day like today?"


Words That Are Hard To Say by Lee Seung Gi

         The story is about a high school student who fall in love with a boyish girl that always finds herself in trouble. The boy is a nerd type of person, a loner and a shy type of person, he finds him self attracted to a girl who suddenly became his classmate in their school. The girl is boyish, has a bad attitude towards people and she had a boyfriend that always with his gang who loves trouble. 
           The story begun when they became seatmates in their classroom, the boy got attracted to her as time passes by. One day the professor check if they bring their books with them, the boy notice that the girl is sleeping and he knew that she didn't brought her book. The boy immediately gave his book to the girl, the girl was shocked to what the boy did to him but he just ignored it at first. The boy got scolded for not bringing the book for their subject.
          The boy always stares to the girl, he notice that she is always sleeping in the classroom, eating while the professor is teaching and other stuff that makes the boy ironically attracted to her. The next day, the boy notice that the girl didn't brought her book again so he decided to gave it again and the boy got scolded again but this time, the girl waited the boy outside the school and thanked him for being so good at her. That's the time they became friends.
          The boy is happy when they are together, same thing goes to the girl. They are both enjoying each other's company until the boy realizes that he has fallen in love with that girl, but to think that she had a bad boyfriend that always find trouble. 
           One day, the girl's boyfriend found out that they are getting closer to each other and that they became more than a friend.